Saturday, December 24, 2005

a great Christmas

I know it's Christmas Eve, but I've had a great time and expect to have one tomorrow. I got everythign I asked for and some more.

Friday, December 23, 2005

singing with the angels this Christmas

Today I'm sitting here listening to Ricky Pearson sing Blessed Assurance. I'm thinking about how he is singing with the angels and hwo he will be singing with them this Chrsitmas. I'm doing this two days before Christmas.

Monday, December 19, 2005

What I did today

today I read my Bible adn did my prayer ministry. Other than that I haven't done very much. I read today out of John's gospel. Today I read the chapter about his resurrection of Jesus. My favorite verse in that chapter is the verse where Jesu calls Marry by name. She didn't konw him until then. Like Jesus said in anther chapter, "My sheep know my voice."

Saturday, December 17, 2005

today: a new day

I'm listening to Rick Pearson sing "how Great Is Our God." I'm always blessed when I hear him sing that song, and all the songs I hear him sing on his CD.

I read my Bible today and I read the first part of the story of Jesus' crucifixion. I read the verse where Jesus told Pilot that for this cause I was born and for this cause came I into the world. That verse really jumped out at me. That's what Christmas is all about. Jesus was born to die, and die for our sins.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

what I've been doing lately

Well, for the past few days I've been scouring teh net looking for stuff about middle east Arab cultures and gestures. That's why I've not been bloging. I've hopefully finally found a placeto get answers to my quesiotns, but it might not be any better than the other sites I've found. But I'm hoping that I'll get answers to my quesiotns.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

today and last Sunday and yesterday

WEll, the funeral last Sunday for Jaems was good. There was some good things to be said about him. He was a good Christian man.

The Sunday night service was good. Before we had chior practice, the fogger machine messed up. It was a little bit like Isaiah said, "The house was filled with smoke!" The fogger started shooting out fog by itself. It would shoot some fog, then stop a few seconds, then shoot some more. Someone I thought somone was playing wiht it. But someone finally came in the sanctuary and found out what was happening and go tsomone else to unplug it. They said no one but me was in the sanctuarty at the time it started shooting fog and that no one was playing with it.

We managed to start choir practice and thank God, within 30 minutes or so, the fog cleared out.

Today I scoured the internet to try and find out about Arab culture relating to a pic I saw online. But I wasn't able to find much.

I also read my Bible about the story of Lazerus and how the Lord raised him up from the dead! Martha said that she believed that her brother would rise again at the last day. We're much closer to the last day than we were then! Even so come Lord Jesus!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

We just came back from James' wake

We just got back from James' Bradbarry's wake. He died of complications with a haert surgery he had recently. To begin with, he was doing good, but then he fell in a hospital on a slick bathroom floor. So this may have torn his heart surgery up whilch may hvae made him die. But he was ready. I know he'd tell me that if I could see what was happening in heaven right now, they have to shoot me to make me hush.

When I woke up this morning

I woke up at 3:30 or so this morning. I didn't go back to sleep at all I don't think until 7:00 or so. Although this was the case I didn't get up like I did a few days ago. I just kept laying there. I started praying about a need that came up on the prayer line yesterday.

So I becaem aware of the presance of God of course. I lay there for a long time just thinking about the man who called and praying for him.

Eventually, my mind wandered off of that and onto Ricky Pearson's funeral. I thought about the part of the service where a man talked about Ricky's blog they set up to keep folks informed about his condition.

The man who was speaking at this time said he wrote a blog like he thought God might write one if He had one.

In his blog he said, "I (God) watched you today." I can't remember everything he said in that God blog. But I do remember that he had some lyrics to a country song in there. He said that Ricky didn't like country music.

The title of the song was, "Live Like You Were dying." Some of the lyrics were, "I loved deeper, I spoke sweeter. I rode for 2.7 seconds on a bull named" something or other. I can't remember the name of the bull.

I'd never heard the song sung before because I don't listen to country music either unless it's gospel. But it sounds very near a Gospel song.

I was thinking about that song last night too. So some time before I went to bed, I started doing a search on the internet looking for that song. I couldn't find it last night. So I looked for it after I got up at nine today. I took my usual bath and looked up the song after I got out of the tub.

I found that song and was able to listen to it online. I think it was pretty powerful.

Now, back to this morning in bed. As I was laying there thinking about how that country song might sound, another song came to mind, that I'd heard a man sing on WELJ. The man who sings it has a country sounding voice and I assume he's a country singer, but I'm not sure of course.

On WELJ he sings a song. I don't know the name of it, but part of it goes,

"Daddy, when I get to heaven can I taste the milky way.
Are we going there to visit or are we going there to stay?
Will I get to see my grandpa? Can I hvae a pair of wings?
Do you think that God could use another angel to help pour out the rain."

The next choras goes,
"Father when I get to heaven, can I taste the milky way?
I'm not going there to visit, but I'm going home to stay.
Lord I want to see my family and meet Jesus face to face.
Do you think that you could use another angel to help pour out the rain?"

That song has been going through my mind off and on all day ever since. There ahve have been times today when I could hardly sing it for tears in my eyes, and a lump in my throat, because it's so cute, and also because I've got two grand daddy's over there, and most of all besides Jesus, I've got a brother or sister over there whom I never have had the chance to see. Even now as I write this there are tears in my eyes. But I sorrow not as those who have no hope.

Now, back to that song about living like you were dying. We need to live like that, especially because Jesus could come back at any moment!